LTS Security Surveys are an investigation or analysis of your organisations current standards of security. A security survey can be carried out in relation to, or in alignment with, government or international standards/requirements, corporate policy or just best practice similar in nature to a security audit.

Our security surveys are aimed at ensuring acceptable standards of security are in place and often to highlight any deficiencies in security so that your organisation can implement improvements and ensure optimum security standards. Although LTS security surveys are often primarily used for a company’s internal use they can also be used by insurers / underwriters to determine whether an organisation is employing the appropriate standards of security.

LTS will look at policy, procedures, processes or plans to ensure compliance and make certain that best practices are implemented. Additionally, LTS will assess the standard / status of equipment (operational/functional against non-operational/non-functional). Of course, security and safety overlap and the solution / systems / procedures in place must take this into account. LTS will document its findings and advise your organisation on which areas or aspects of your security requires enhancement.


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